Hello everybody!

It’s Maundy Thursday and Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) today.

So I’ll just do an exhaustive thought dump here 😆 as the ECQ has brought us inwards more (I hope) and stirred some essential disturbances in our collective consciousness.

I have never imagined I’d live in a sort of a dystopia ever. The type you’d read in YA books and see in movies. Nope, not in my lifetime.

But yeah, here we are.

Disclaimer: This post is long and kinda sociopolitically loaded. I wrote this just this morning, scanned it this pm & did not bother to do other drafts, as I had wanted this to be raw and crude as my thoughts are. 😅 If you are not aware of my sociopolitical stance in life (which are all on twitter, btw) then, by all means, I welcome you to hear me out and I hope we all get the best from all of this that we are going through now. 🌻