liberation 🌹

I lazily walked back to my dorm from the laundry shop this evening, it had been a long day.

It had been a long series of weeks and, well, it had been a long couple of months.

The sky was clear though, it’s always like that after the rain, and the streets were in their usual chill Sunday evening flow.

I  had been attempting to write for my regular ‘he-she’ story series too and, unfortunately for me, I just get awfully annoyed at my futility. 😑

But hey, I told myself it’s June 12 and it’s Independence day in the Philippines and I’d have to whip something up before this day ends. haha.

I’d have taken a full political stance today but I’m kinda reluctant to shoo away the readers who are tired of all the vicious political bickering around. haha. 😆

So Independence eh?

Let me tell you about Independence.

I’m twenty seven now, I live by myself and I think I’m not anywhere ready to settle down. Nope, not yet (haha, well that’s one hell of a revelation).

And I should say that Independence is way too flashy a term that any average person in my generation will always harbor that reluctance to give it up.

I mean, who does not want to have all her time for herself?

Especially when it goes really well with the fancy — traveling to beautiful places, finding love, discovering yourself, chasing dreams, writing a book, or making music, or changing the world, and leaving it a better place somehow — life goals.

It is ideal and very appealing.

Perhaps that’s how it is when you were told to dream big when you were little.

Perhaps that is how it is when, in fact, you were told to dream the loftiest of dreams, and then you grow up and eventually you grow old and, well, you stay that way — dreamy.

All too dreamy.

What I’m trying to say is I’m just glad that we live in a time when we are free to dream.

Three centuries of being called indios and treated as slaves in our very own land, a very long time of running for our lives, and fending for our families, and struggling to find a collective identity as a nation; and up to now still trying to find meaning, still trying to find purpose, still trying to find our own selves amongst each other.

You know what, I think we should continue to teach our children to dream because dreams keep hope afire and burning and it well may be the grandest form of freedom there is.

I should say too that, after all these years,
I’ve learned that,
to be able to dream (freely) is the purest form of liberation.

Mabuhay! 😊