Happy 10 years in blog space, and happy mother’s day, universe! 🌻

So I was around here today to post some totally unrelated stuff to this blog’s anniversary (I forgot the anniv was today 😅), and then I see this notification saying that it has been ten years already since I’ve naively decided to keep a small space here for my own peace and my many many thoughts. 😍

Oh how time flies. 😭

So to all the 11,899 eyes who’ve somehow seen a glimpse of my soul, thank you. 💖

We’ve been here even before the bloggers became trends and then evolved into vloggers. Haha. It’s so amusing to think about it. 😂

Anyway, so it’s mother’s day today and my heart is overflowing. So here is a special anniversary feature letter that I wrote to mama for mother’s day. I say a special prayer for all the mothers everywhere. Please know that you are all loved.

Happy mother’s day ma! Happy retirement year too.

I know times have been really difficult lately.
I know too that it’s not the retirement life you’ve imagined for yourself. 😅

But here you are fully embracing the new roles that life has suddenly reined you into. I honestly don’t know how I’d do it if I was in your shoes.
But well, you’re mama and you remind me everyday that no matter how cruel the world is, there will always be people who will hold a light for you, and whether they do it because they have a choice or not, they do it with love anyway.

Thank you ma, for teaching us what strength is—
that being strong is not necessarily being crude or belligerent or ostentatious. Instead you’ve taught us that strength is in those dark and hopeless nights of staying and still hoping, in the humble and fervent supplications of the heart, and in the showing up for all those who might be more needing. I’ve seen them all, and I’m sure, God knows them all very well too.

I pray that God continues to warm your heart when it is cold sometimes, and keep you company when it’s lonely too, and I pray that He fills your days with love and peace and serenity amid all the tumultuousness of the universe.

I love you mama. I hope you know that we’ll always be here for you, praying for and praying with you.

Happy mother’s day! 💖

I think I’ll spend the night crying my heart in full. HAHA.

Life has been in semi and full and overlapping circles lately. Sometimes I don’t even know if it takes any shape at all or it’s all just an ugly glob of I don’t know what anymore. 😔

But yah, today I got reminded of a lot of things.

Like a LOOOOT of things. 😭

So I promise I’ll continue to write. Whether my stories be sad, or happy or wretched. I’ll place them here, somewhere, to let you know that you are not alone.

Maybe I’ll post some drafts again sometime (haha) or maybe I’ll put them all up in a book, I don’t know. But I’ll be here until the vloggers become something else.

Haha, I hope. 😊

But yah, stay faithful, my friends. Happy ten years yay! I love you all. ❤️️