Hello from Davao. 🌻

So it’s the last day of our PAP (Psychological Association of the Philippines) Convention. And I have had the time (woah, time haha) to think about so many things.

I’m really convinced now how I should pursue my pending plans of further studies in this field. I know it’s as endless as you can think about, and it would entail a lot of mental strength to endure everything but it’s a lingering gut feeling I can’t keep down any longer. 😭

Is this really how it is when life strongly confronts you at some point?

I’ll take my comprehensive exams for my MPM this November and then we’ll take it from there.

Ahhh. *sigh*

Life is, perhaps, really quite circuitous for most of us (and as shared by two of the outstanding psychologists who were interviewed in one of the parallel sessions) and I guess that’s what makes life more meaningful – when it has gone through more circles than deemed necessary.


I haven’t felt that much unexplained affection for a word until now, after smorgasbord. Haha.

So I hope this existential shaking of sorts, helps me (and perhaps all of us) endure through this circuitously complex themed life. 😌

Anyway, I wish you all an introspective weekend too. I hope you find packets of hope wherever you are now.

We’re off to the isla laters. 🤗

Do keep going, my friends! 🌻



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