a chance

So today’s been a pretty long day as I was up all night reading.

I actually cannot sleep last night because I had the migraine aura. So I figured I’d just read myself to sleep and tire my mind off, but the next thing I knew, it was already past 3am and I was about to finish the book. Haha.

Oh I missed Harry and Hermoine and Ron really and it’s nice to read about them having children and being grown up. 

It’s like having that part of you that grew up with them also kind of grow up too and I get a warm and fuzzy, patronus feeling inside just thinking about it. 🤗

Anyway so let me leave you with a beautiful line by Dumbledore that Harry said to Ginny: 

“We have a chance, Ginny, and by Dumbledore, that’s all we need – a chance.”

I guess, sometimes, that is all that makes a difference in everything —
when we give people and things a chance,
when we allow our hopes and dreams a chance,
when we let love, and life take a chance in us;
we also give ourselves a chance to be better, and so much happier.
And that is, you would soon realize, all that you have actually ever needed to get by.

Good night my friends, don’t you let those chances just slip away. 😊


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