Of parallel worlds and alternate universes

Hi! So I was going through some old stuff to reblog (again coz I’m really busy) and I came across this post from two years ago.
And I realized, it just dawns on you — how time flies, and people change.
And, why, life remains a curious thing. ๐Ÿ˜Š


In an alternate universe,
I’d find you,
And see the world in your eyes.

On some days,
I’d sit with you on the couch,
And listen to you speak,
I’d mess with your wavy hair,
And hear you grumble and hum and smile.

On others,
We’d walk hand in hand by the shore,
And sit and stare at the beach,
And wait for the sunset,
And sleep under the starry sky.

In an alternate universe,
That is.

But in a seemingly parallel world,
Where some lives never get to cross,
Neither do some meet again,
I can only wish for a day,
When our universes may collide.

So then I can hold your hand,
And touch your hair,
And kiss your cheek,
And love you.

Yes, love you.


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