day 265. XIV


She put down that book and looked around.

She had to do more of that often, she told herself — look around.

“But there was nothing to look around to anymore now, much more try to look forward to,” she argued.

And then she laughed.

That radiant laugh she kept for herself.

Because deep inside she knew that there was always something to look forward to.

So there she was with her self speech again. Why was there always fighting everywhere? Even in her own head?

“Most of those fights,” she told herself, “you never really win, but you wage anyway.”

She looked at him who was intently reading that book she gave him.

“That is the matter with life, “she told herself still looking at him.

“You always think you have to fight to win. When, well in fact, the best things just happen.”

She saw him secretly wipe a tear from his eyes, shake his head and smile. He was too busy reading to notice anything.

She laughed.

That radiant laugh she wouldn’t keep for long.

“Yes, the best things just happen.”


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