Writing 101, Day Two


Day Two Assignment: 
A Room with a View (Or Just a View)
          We’re all drawn to certain places. If you had the power to get somewhere — anywhere — where would you go right now? For your twist, focus on building a setting description.


you stretch your arms and feet as far as they can reach and draw circles on the sand with your toes.
the sand is warm and dry, and you’ve been sitting under the shade for quite some time now.

a sudden breeze stirs and makes you look up from the book you’ve been reading.

the ocean is a vast blue blanket of peace.

you remember your cup of coffee and realize it has already gone cold. you drink it up and wonder how you could lose yourself into oblivion, just staring at the sea in between reading and talking to yourself.

you smile and go back to your book.

another glance up and, after what felt like forever, you notice how the sky has turned dark, the wind has become a little hostile and you could already hear the rustling of the trees nearby.

you know you have to go home now, because you’re mama might come out and look for you in the impending rain.

yes, you know it will rain, you can smell it.

but you stay, and listen to the birds sing the day’s last song and hear the waves now crash heavily at every turn of the tide.

you hear some distant calling and you imagine it’s for you.
so you stay a while longer and take in everything around – the last rays of light in the bulk of angry clouds looming over, the bigger waves in a sea of brown (how fast it can change color), the heavy hustle of the wind, the profound silence you hear, amid all the chaos.

how can the world still be beautiful like this?

and then it rains–
strong, but not so sudden because you have actually wished for it.

you stay still, close your eyes and open your arms wide, offering yourself to the world, asking it for a tight hug. it rains harder and you stay like that until your arms hurt.

you open your eyes, gather yourself, pick up your wet book and cup, and walk home.

your mama asks you where you’ve been, and you tell her you were just out for a walk and got caught in the rain. she gently nods, knowingly smiles, tells you not to get all that sand in the carpet and get yourself ready for dinner.

you nod, return her smile and take a quick look at the nearest window.

it’s still raining outside.


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