when you cut your hair (really very) short πŸ’‡πŸ»

Hi there! 😁

So guess what, it’s been sixty five weeks since I cut my hair major short.

Well, that’s according to instagram. haha. 😊

It’s funny how I could remember all the fuss over it.

Well, maybe the fuss that was from everybody else, because my friends and family seem to have been fine by it. Maybe they knew all along how I was supposed be to cutting my hair really really short and they just let me go get to it at my own pace. haha.

And why, it has been liberating.

But of course as societal norms expect women to be relegated to the home, the women paradigms have always been fixated on keeping that nice long hair shiny & healthy & whatever. But hey, my hair’s shiny & healthy too, it’s just short, so it doesn’t matter.

They say it’s a phase. You know what they say when somebody cuts their hair — that they are about to change their life or do something big and all that jazz, when everyone else is actually thinking that they sadly are going through some major life crisis.

But it’s actually a choice. Do you know how complicated it is to go about that discrete yet glaring short hair shaming around, even if you could actually pull the whole short hair look off with a victory smirk?

You’ll never know half of it when you never get double takes from girls (and guys sometimes) because you do look like a (cute 😁) boy at times especially when you’re in your uniform haha. And when you do not get awfully judged (yes, cruely sometimes) just because you don’t wear your hair long or don’t dress too girly or don’t do things that weird you out or are too opinionated for your species.

But don’t get me wrong, I still would like to keep my hair short. 😁

Because there are perks you know — (other than less shampoo & salon fix expenses), with some of the reasons why I think you get “special” treatment due to your short hair:

1. People leave you in peace when you’re eating (or reading) alone somewhere.

reason: You look like you’re contemplating on your life & it’s really rude to disturb you.

2. You actually get offered seats on buses.

reason: You look like you just got heartbroken. (I get that all the time. haha)

3. You get free VIP tickets to indie band concerts

reason: You look hobo-ish and you’re most probably a die hard indie person

4. You have free hair oil when you get your monthly trim & the stylist is really friendly to you

reason: You’re obviously good for business

5. You get that “you know what, I’d like my hair to be that short too” comment from people, which actually feels nice, like you’re some short hair ambassador or something. haha 😊

reason: You look like you just had an epiphany over life.

Ah yes, an epiphany. 😁

Happy Friday! 😊🌹