Of sunsets and roses (a reblog) 🌹

So I was checking on some blog stuff this afternoon, and I was redirected to this post I made from two years ago. Somebody must have read it somewhere and liked it. Haha. 😊

Forgive me, though, because I’m always quite morose about things when I reflect. And well that’s just me, I relate to my own sadnesses very well. 😅

Also, can I just say that if you have, by this time now, already found your “rose”, I hope you take care of them the way the little prince did. 🌹

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, my friends.
Cherish your sunsets, and your roses too.
Here goes the reblog; light and love! ✨❤️

overcast and hazy

We brought around Cebu some visiting college friends yesterday, and after going to the marine sanctuary in Olango, we went to the 10,000 roses cafe in cordova.

Here are some of the ‘nicer’ shots I took. 😅

So the 10,000 roses evening reminded me of the little prince and his rose, and how he genuinely protected and loved her.

I was a little blue trying to cognitively process so many things in my head.

I actually weirdly remember “book feelings” in certain moments. Haha. In my head, it’s like a scene in a movie where the narrator talks affectively during a non-dialogued clip.

Here are the excerpts that I imagined my narrator head was saying. (I googled the actual excerpts although, of course, in the actual moment it was non-verbatim 😅).

“Suppose I happen to know a unique flower, one that exists nowhere in the world except on my planet…

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