full circle

Eight hours in the office, plus another extra five or more somewhere doing schoolwork.

I live a couple of lives all together I tell people around.

And yes, I get the raising of eyebrows all the time — for skipping on too many things (too many important things, I’m told).

So I tell them, I’m sorry. And then in my head, I imagine giving myself a pat on the back. 😁

Another hour on the blog too, and then I get an awful lot more eyebrow raises. This time, it’s for being a little too careless in putting my head into space.

But if there is one thing I have realized in all of these, it is that if you spend a whole lifetime trying to live a life that other people has mapped out for you, then you have not been living at all; you have not been living since.

My compendium of life choices may have always been generally uncommon, but it had been the most fulfilling of all, I am quite sure.

Which in turn, had been a steadfast source of relief for me, so that when I go looking back from wherever I am, at some point in the future, I’d be sure (quite sure) that I had lived a life without that much regrets.

And as I have surmised, it is not in the crazy putting together of dichotomies that you find your life’s meaning. 

That view makes it dysfunctional.

Rather, it is in embracing life in all its strengths and flaws, and living it in full circle that allows you to find wisdom and, essentially, makes you live with purpose.

Well that, and an awful lot of eyebrow raises. 😆

Happy Friday! 🌹