Time to fly

Hi! So I had been out for a while. A lot of things are happening at the same time right now and I realize how I can only juggle as much.

I actually am looking forward to going home for the Holy Week break. Who does not long for the quiet?

I guess we all yearn for that — a place where you can hear yourself more, so you know where to go to next.

Yes, I still feel uncertain about so many things and it disturbs me.

Perhaps I’m at that particulat point in life where I wonder if I’m treading a right road, and I fear for a day when I figure out that I am not.

Ahhh, you can only imagine my OC head fighting with itself up there. It’s chaos.

But yeah, I woke up today and the first thing I see is a little bird perched on the power lines running across my window. Little guy seemed to be resting under the shade of the giant tree by my window too. 

He flew away at a seemingly perfect moment and his moving form was the only sharp contrast to the stillness of the bright morning sky. 

So yeah, I tell the universe, “Oh, okay I get it.” Haha.

I get it, that — for the sake of my restless soul, I have to be convinced that I don’t need to have everything figured out all at the same time

Not now, perhaps not ever.

Life will have to unfold as perfectly as how the little bird spread his little wings and took off, and rode with the wind. 

The little guy knew when he had to fly. I guess I will know, too, when it’s already time to fly. 🙂

Happy Sunday!