hello 😊

Hi, how are you all? πŸ€—

I know. πŸ˜… I’ve been gone for quite some months, this time.
I think that this has been the longest that I’ve cut myself some slack, just so my slowly depleting introvert energy will be enough to keep up with all the chaos that is 2021.

I’m sorry, really. πŸ˜…

But as with the many slopes and cycles in life, we manage to find for ourselves some respite in the daily, still and most thankfully.

And I’m glad that the days are looking better now (I hope, haha).

Last year was really crazy, and it went on like an unforgiving chuchu train even until the start of this year. I was constantly running, and running, and running to either catch or outrun the bullet train of my life. Haha.

So I guess this is what the thirties (in a pandemic) is all about– all this constant running after or running away from the things of this world, and then also just running out of reasons to keep running in the middle of all that running. 😭

It’s funny coz the last post that I had in the blog was a heartfelt tribute to Taylor Swift from last November (HAHA). And if you know what I had to go through these months, you’d say, it was just a fitting blog (air)time to an All Is Well (10 minute version) special. All that online space saturation is well deserved, after all πŸ˜‚

Anyway, so I’m writing this while listening to BTS. I’m still filling in on their discography and I should say that they have such good sound and nice writing (late to the party but yaaay πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ HAHA).

Also, there is this book that I contributed to (see link for more details). 😍 I really wanted to know how the whole book writing experience goes, and see if I have the energy to do a solo project.πŸ˜… The overall conceptual theme of the author was really good too, so yah, new collab project with so many amazing people! (You see, I’ve really been truly and honestly busy haha, so please support the book).

I hope to write more in the days to come. Coz, ahhhh, I really missed you all.

And I’d like to end this with a really nice song by BTS, Life Goes On. And this me too, saying, chin up my friends, life goes on.

Sending you love. πŸ’œ