dear dude,

Happy birthday! 🥳

The last time I wrote to you in the blog was an inopportune time in life. Haha. It was a funny, emo, and naïve but painfully heartfelt poem that I shamelessly posted just for the heck of it. HAHA. But yah, that’s how blogs work, I guess.😂

Anyway, I’m writing here now for no particular reason at all. It’s just that I found a nice space here tonight to greet you a merry, happy birthday on the first of the eight days that we are of the same age, and as I also try to make sense of all the chaos that is everywhere.

We all know how the weeks before our birthdays are really the most turbulent of them all, but yah, we blow our nice little birthday candles for our life’s best wishes and we’re all fine again, and it’s a cycle. Haha. 😂

I like the thirties really, it makes you do a lot of things, even those that are bereft of good reasons. I hope that you take this time to live your best life. Because apparently, now is the only time that we can know of.

The pandemic has weirdly put us in a place of constant uncertainty that the change you know of now, may not be the same change that it is tomorrow.

But still the same, I wish you your heart’s most fervent prayers. Those you pray for in the tiny and silent corners of your days and nights. I hope that God keeps you too– safe, warm, cozy, happy. Never running out of your life giving energy.

I know how the past years have been really hard for you. And I’ve seen how you’ve bravely kept all of them in your heart, trusting in God’s own space and time.

Life has a way of holding us lovingly, when no one else can, I guess. And it teaches us to be faithful to the way of the universe, however painfully slow the arc bends.

Thank you for all the work that you do. Thank you for making this chaotic world a tad better and brighter and kinder.

We know that wherever you go, you’ll always be loved because however the powers that be, and the gods and goddesses around you attempt to scourge you, a kind and reassuring light will always follow you because the universe knows that your heart is in the right place.

And that’s the most important thing. 😊

Happy birthday, dude!

See you soon and we love you lots.❤️️💗


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