déjà vu

Hi! 😀 So I know I haven't been around here lately, I'm sorry. 
Life has just been coming in in waves, and I'm not really very good with surfing. Haha. 😅

Anyway, so here's a short something for the he-she series, which I hope will come back to life soon, especially since my birth month's well on its way. Yaaay! I missed you all.

Here goes. 

She sat there, staring at the screen.
Feeling like she had written an exact same scene some few years ago.

The same, yes.
But not exactly, she had realized on second thought.

The cursor was pulsating direly—
The way her fears and worries have constantly vexed her these past months,
The way her migraines always started and ended.
The way her heart had always felt when it lets her hear its beating.

There were words,
Oh so much of them, in her head.
In an endless jumble.
Swirling like waterspouts;
Quiet, vicious,
Never ending.

And the cursor just continued beating.
In a tired and syncopated pace.
Like her heart and its beat.
When it lets her hear its beating—
—patient, exhausted, confused, convoluted.

The words in her head kept violently pouring.
But the screen remained blank, immaculate.
Glaring at her, asking, wanting her to fill them up but also resisting.

She was still there,
Staring at the screen,
Dazed at the many days that have come and gone like wisps of smoke,
Fast, crude, dreary.

It felt like she had written an exact same scene some few years ago.
It felt like she was looking at her life now—
A blank screen, immaculate.
Glaring back at her, asking, wanting her to fill it up entirely, but still resisting.

And time was violently pulsating like a cursor.
The same way her heart beat;
Reminding her of a many transient things,
That have come and gone,
And may come again, (she will never know)—
—love, peace, joy, pain,
Hopes, dreams;
Quiet, vicious,
Never ending.

So yah, stay faithful, my friends. 
Love from here. 🌻

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