maybe i’m having the blues

OMG! Does this really happen every year? 😭😭😭

Anyway, I’m off to jog. I really hope we get over this health crisis already. It has changed all of us and the whole universe quite cruelly enough, TBH. 🥴

But yes, let us stay faithful my friends.
Sending you all warm hugs. 🌻

overcast and hazy

i woke up very early today. i do not have an early flight to anywhere nor do i have a deadline i’d hope to beat, nope, nothing,

i just woke up.
maybe i’m just having the blues.

and i cannot contain my mind now, it’s flowing with all sorts of things – smoke and shadows,
the sky with moving clouds and rays of light,
a big rainbow,
moving trains and running horses,
and stars!
and then there’s rain and sunshine and moonlight,
and voices, yes, voices – some muffled, some loud,
and silhouettes,
and music – all those notes in the staff in a dance,
and numbers in jumbles,
and faces – flashing at a random, strangers and familiar ones alike,
and places – flashing before my eyes too, like i’m in a fast moving train on slow motion…

and then i see someone at edge of the picture, she’s…

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