Oh how time flies. 🤷🏻‍♀️
And, woah, this is like a ‘blog’ception. 😅

overcast and hazy

She had struggled a long time, to put them down all together.
But her thoughts were always an assault force, she realized.
They were everywhere, floating around like lost and hungry souls yearning for the light.
And she did not have the energy to even look at them now.

Perhaps sometimes it is okay to give in to that catatonic stupor,
And watch, at a distance, your thriving life, decked with all those shining, shimmery things, just pass by.

You don’t let it leave your sight,
But you let it have its own way.

That was a tedious process for her,
For she had always wanted things to be within her control, as much as possible.
But it was, exactly, what she had learned for a very long time now, —
That you simply can’t control everything,
And that you have to let go of things, many things, and watch…

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