Reblogging in the mean time while I to continue to search for a decent premise to write about. Haha. Happy Thursday! ❤️

overcast and hazy

In a universe where we basically want all things good for ourselves, loss comes as an awful juxtaposition to the whole idea of it.

Be it a loss of opportunity, a loss of friendship, a loss of love, and a loss of all things good — it basically leads to an eventual loss of ultimate footing.

Which is actually quite unfortunate and pretty much unnerving.

But are we prepared for anything, anyway?

I guess not.

Perhaps all that we can ever prepare for, amongst all things, is the fact that we can only be sure of our perpetual unpreparedness.

How do you even prepare for that? Ahhh, I can only imagine. 🤔

Happy Thursday! 🌻

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