Reblogging this because it has been a fruitless few months of writing for me. 😶

Anyway, it’s a curious thing – what one year can do to you. I should say time really changes things, and people, and points of view… or so I think. 😅
Happy Tuesday! 🌻

overcast and hazy

I honestly do not know how to put it.

I’ve always wondered why life brings you to places, and why it leads you to people.

There’s a song that goes,
“Tell me how two people find each other, in a world that’s full of strangers…”

I write in such a time of quiet, only to find too much turbulence instead and although I am very much trying to be reasonable with myself, I cannot help but suffer a deluge of questions that I know I won’t ever find answers to, well, at least for now.

I go back to a same contention, every single time, and I debate with myself all the same —

One part of me wonders why we have to find ourselves in another. In just one other person, that is. And we do so in a terribly grand and stirring fashion of finding a compelling likeness…

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