just stories


Forgive the few days of my absence here.

I just went off to put a lot of things in their proper nooks and crannies. And I am really good at arranging I realized. Haha.

Anyway, so the past few days have been really confusing (and amusing at some point).

I have never imagined me coming to a point in time when my supposed fictional write-ups will have drawn out unwarranted judgment particularly because it was portrayed with a considerable amount of verity.

But well, I’ve realized how it’s all a package deal after all. For when you get to put your soul out somewhere, it goes with an implicit waiver of any right not to be sized up in some way. Haha.

You see I’ve always been more comfortable writing than talking, mainly because a platform like this allows me to conjure a confluence of crude powers to blur whatever it is that delineates the real from the not.

It feels safer like that.

Here, I can write about you and me, and him and her, and all my hopes and wishes and dreams, and regrets and pains, and hurts and joys and triumphs over the years — all the same, all together.

Talk about transcendence.

All I’m saying is this is me trying to immortalize yesterday just so I can move further with lesser things to carry. And ultimately, this is me too, just trying to cope. 🙂

But yeah, I guess you can never really estrange the seed from the fruit, much more the message from the messenger.

I am fine, guys, really.

With this, and all other perceptions aside, I do hope you allow me to keep on telling you stories. 🙂




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