magnum opus

i was looking for the meaning of the word crisis on the dictionary last night. and my initial plan was to check on its strict definition, essential elements, and technical usages, etc., haha.

but seriously, i was actually just contemplating on making a blog post of it, so i can tell my friends (who are going through stuff recently) that an awful lot of crises nowadays (particularly that which comes shortly after turbulent adolescence, and is inevitably so full of crazy, major impasse situations) are not very uncommon.

but save that for another day’s post because i cannot yet gather my thoughts to a decent form of them,

and well, i obviously got more smitten by the word of the day.

magnum opus
a great work, especially: the greatest achievement of an artist or writer.


anyway, so if i ask you today,

and let’s just say, we take out the artist/writer premise,

would you be able to tell me what your magnum opus is?

and would you have that short, wonderful, tear-jerking, goosebumps-causing impromptu speech about it?

would you?

if you do, oh WOW. Hurray! Way to go! Go relish that!

but if you don’t, oh well, touché.

i just think that, perhaps we do spend too much time sorting out our haplessly mundane circumstances rather than bask in the sunshiny facets of our humanity and forget that we are fundamentally made to create and recreate the most sublime of things – like friendship or love or life itself.

but unfortunately we seldom really take time to contemplate on the fullness of life and get too attached to all things plain and comfortable, and then we just wilt and die that way – mediocre and, yes,  sad.

oh how i wish for a time when i could get to say this to the universe (all red cheeked, with a silly, toothy grin) —

“uh, hey, i would like you to meet my magnum opus.” 🙂



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