september thirteen

so i was supposed to post something last night, as a part of this weird birthday stuff i just made up for myself, but i was, unfortunately, left for dead (well, almost) as migraine struck again.

here was what all i could gather…


i have complained of gripping headaches when i was nine, and until now, i still do.

i have actually acquiesced with that sort of fate when the doctor told my parents (but i heard it) that my having migraine was forever; so much for imbuing a little child with the hard truth of how pain, in a world so full of warmth and grandeur, is real and inevitable.

and despite its elevated comings and goings for a whole sixteen years now, each attack will always seize you unprepared and leave you crippled, making you recognize that despite the fullness of your humanity, you can be weak, feeble, frail and helpless.

but, it’s just too amusing how, despite all that, we are fairly sure we’d somehow get by.


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