She stared at the fresh new set of notes she had just printed and sighed deeply.

This was the last stretch, finally.

Her grades looked decent and she just needed the final confirmation email for the schedule of exams.

After this, she was going to give herself a break.

She knew how long and hard she had been toiling.

And God knew how many long nights, and weekends, and holidays, and how much of her life she had had to “trade off” for this next sablay.

But she had no regrets whatsoever, she assured herself. Haha.

And then maybe, as she told herself every time it was really hard to get going, when this part was all done, she would finally be able to give up so many unnecessary things and begin to try and take that more important path towards her lifelong dreams.

It seemed exhilarating as she thought about it.

Maybe she’ll be able to finally settle down somewhere too with a good and loving man and have cute little children. 😊

Or maybe not 😅,  maybe she’ll just continue to roam and fly to places with her dreamy self, instead.

She laughed aloud in her head. 😏 That was one part of her life that she was never really sure of.  And she had always known how lofty her dreams were, and she was not, for the life of her, giving up on them.

Nope, not now, not tomorrow, not in the days that would come, however tedious.

She heaved another sigh and asked the universe for a warm hug.

But it had rained outside when she looked at her window and she wondered what that had meant.

She knew how the rains had always brought about life and allowed for things to grow.

She knew too that she would always have to bask in the rain whenever she had to. She was made to brave the rain, anyway.

One last leg, she told herself again.

One little dream, amid the rain, at a time. 🌻