if the world was ending 🌻

Hello everybody!

How are you all?

I’ve been trying to fall asleep. 😵 Yah, I know right? And apparently it has been a futile attempt to do so (haha), and I am here posting this blog, along with the many things running circles in my head. 😵

So I was browsing through my photo gallery to help confound myself (so that I get dizzy enough to fall asleep) but, instead, I found this pic of my 2020 planner which I had converted into a mini diary, since well, we all know how the pandemic has robbed us all of our 2020 life plans.😭

Here it is, please do read:

So yeah. If it wasn’t enough that I wrote it down, I also recorded a raw version of it. Haha. Perhaps I’ve been really very anxious of so many things lately, and maybe I’ve also been wishing that I could have written stuff as well (and as many) as that, again.


Anyway, here goes:

And if you want to listen to the song (professionally sung) haha, here it is:

Sending you love and warmth in this difficult times.
Stay faithful, my friends. 🌻


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