Hello!!! Guess who’s back? Hehe.

Well of course, it’s just me. 😅

So I’m posting this while I still sort out and form nice little tidy piles of these many many things in my head. There have been an awful lot of stuff that I’ve set aside to get past yesterday’s hurdle, tbh.

And while this particular poignant point in my life’s time is recent, I just want to say thank you all (through this twitter thread) for the kind prayers, the patience, and the tremendous understanding of my predicaments, these past months of crazy.

Here goes:


Ahhh my heart. 😭

I’ll be off for a little while more to rest and recover. We’ve got a long way to go still. ✊🏻

I’ll see you all again soon, and while I’m away, don’t forget to shine bright like the Skimmers. 🌻💖


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