day 84. hey 😊

So this prompted on FB memories and I find it both strange and timely because I’ve honestly been running out of inspiration for my many concerns lately.
Ahhh, what do we know? The universe has its ways of answering quiet prayers. 💕
Have a meaningful ‘Holy Week’ ahead my friends. 😊🌻

overcast and hazy

hey, how are you?
i have been waiting for you to talk to me, did you know that?
and apparently so, you have been quite busy chasing your dreams and therefore have triumphantly ignored me for so long now. haha.
i just hope you’re chasing the right ones, dear,

because, you know what — more often than not, dreams are cruel and most of them will only break your heart.💔

but yeah, it would never really matter, anyway. because, after all — either way you learn, and either way you become a better person.
although it would really be sad when you finally knock some sense out of yourself and realize that you’ve already spent an immense amount of your life doing such futile chasing. hah! boo.
well first off, i’d like to tell you how happy i am to see how much you’ve changed, and grown —

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