Happy Hearts’ day, universe 💕

I was not supposed to write today because it always seems overrated to be writing on Valentine’s day. Haha.

But, if anything, today has so old-fashionedly reminded me, while I was on the cab watching the streets filled with red balloons and flowers, that love can never be overrated.

So today, I acquiesce to love.

One that always persists, and gives, and sacrifices.
That makes you feel safe, and provides solace.
One that comforts and supports, and never gives up on you.

That always gives chances, and understands, and accepts you whole -strengths and flaws, all the same.
One that transforms you for the better, and gives you wings, and urges you to thrive.

Love that is always new however long and winding it has been, and however weird it had started.

I may fail to see it on some difficult times, but I guess we do find it every where, every single day.

So yeah, all for love wooh! Haha.

Happy Hearts’ day, universe! 😊❤️


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