day 284 🌹

Hello there! 😁

As promised, I’d like to take the blogging personally now (if it helps to say it).

I just turned twenty seven anyway and I should, after all, be less wary of my opinions already. Because, apparently so, people don’t take anything seriously nowadays. Or well perhaps they do but quite absurdly and outrageously. So yeah, works for me. Haha!

It’s just that I’m working on my homework now and I wish I could share the discussions we have about government policy structures and frameworks that take time to make (like a really long time) but which don’t get utilized and optimized because of course, people, no matter how well meaning, are inclined to always put themselves first.

Their needs and welfare and interests always before others’. Even if those interests are shameful, indecent, unbecoming, unfair, delusional and yes, psychotic.

So how many times do you have to get frustrated with life? 😐😐😐

And then there’s this part of me that tries to convince me that we are all made to be kind and helpful and selfless and Christlike.

What the heck.

I say we should learn not to take that lightly — the systemic abuses that come with power. Tactfully and diplomatically, even rationally, yes, but never lightly.

Because abuses (in all forms) only abound when we care to allow it.

Forgive the blabber though. haha. I just had to say that. πŸ˜‰

Happy Sunday! 🌷

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